Roots Reggae

Revalutionary Roots Reggae artist hailing out of Maypen Clarendon on a mission of love and upliftment with blessed vibes!


Dance Hall Reggae

A versitile authentic Dance hall Reggae artist from Payne Ave Kinston JA a lyrical realist appealing to the young and old alike!

Darren Tyson

Jazz vocals 

Smoky jazz vocals  from Darren Tyson out of Wales Darren is currenty not able  to finish due to ill health we wish him a speedy recovery

Brian Van O

Real cool jazz

Two of my favorite unfinished songs "Out of the Loop" and "Revery" by The 19 year old Brian  

JJ Williams

Any Type Of music

One of Cardiff's amazing talents Jake has it all great singer, musician, producer, composer, the main sound Behind Darren Tyson & many others